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wf1114 - 8 Aspirations Fortune Water Fountain

wf1114 - 8 Aspirations Fortune Water Fountain

wf1114 - 8 Aspirations Fortune Water Fountain

The amazing healing power of water cleanses, refreshes and restores energy in our lives. Be it a soothing fountain or majestic waterfall. Today, most people incorporate water features for interiors to bring nature closer to them. Some of the beneficial properties of water fountains are: natural room humidifier, meditation tool, stress remover, air cleanser and positive energy circulator.

Movement of water in a water feature is very important to correctly activate feng shui luck

There are three directions which always benefit from water, which is the north, east and southeast. Conventional practice of feng shui suggests placing waters in these areas to activate water and wood element according to 8 Aspirations Theory. When these areas are activated, it benefits the entire household.

1. The north generates career luck and its direction element is water. So, when you use a good water feature in the north, you see desired results in promotional luck in your career and increase of sales to flourish your business. Meanwhile the east with trigram chen has its base element wood.

2.East is the direction of the dragon and is filled with the most cosmic breathe of the dragon. It benefits the whole family by bringing health, longevity and descendants luck. It also promotes growth. A good water feature here would feed the wood and let the energy blossom to realize your aspiration.

3. The southeast brings prosperity and belongs to sun trigram with its base element wood. The type of luck brought by activation of this area with water feature is increased in money and wealth, or simply higher level of regular income.

Classical Compass Feng Shui masters who practice Flying Stars Feng Shui often claim that the fastest and most promising method to improve finances is to find the auspicious "water star" (facing star) of the reigning number of the current period and activate it with a correct water feature. Although there are many theories about generating wealth, this system of feng shui gives the most faith to watch money start flowing in till richess is attained. The reigning number in Period 8 is "8" and it is this star that rules for this 20 year-cycle (ending 2024), therefore the wealth star is water star #8. This is the money spot of the house and where money luck can be harvested effectively. Once this water star #8 in any type of houses is activated, it promises prosperity for the whole household, irrespective of which period your house belongs to.

Another fine aspect to take note of is the secondary wealth corner. For all houses built in period 8 or being renovated into a period 8 house, placing an extra water feature in the Southwest in specific is considered very lucky. This is the "indirect spirit" of the property and activating the indirect spirit besides the water star #8 makes one even richer.

Water Must keep Clean

Material: Stonepowder

Color: Multicolor

Dimension (inch): 8.5x8.5x10.0

Weight (lbs/g): 4.75 / 3200

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