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fd1134 - A Pair of Marble Temple Lions XXL

fd1134 - A Pair of Marble Temple Lions XXL

fd1134 - A Pair of Marble Temple Lions XXL

Chinese guardian lions, called Fu Dogs,Fu Lions, lions of Buddha, or stone lions because these beings are found as stone mounting guardians at Buddhist or Tao temples. It is the emblem of wisdom, power and protection, which could be the reason why they are being embroidered on ancient chinese official robes. These powerful guardians are fun to own like a lovely pair of real dogs at our homes and are easy to tame. This powerful symbol provides potent protection and demon scaring for ancient palaces, banks, mansions, malls, jewellery shops restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other structures. Their faces may look like lions, but take note that they are different from the actual lions. The male is usually depicted holding a globe to signify important global network for business people outside and external protection, while the female holding a child signifies protection of members of the household or premise. The male is placed on the left (from inside looking out of your premise) and the female holding a child is placed on the right (from inside looking out of your premise).

According to feng shui, when facing the entrance the male lion with the globe should be placed on the right with the female on the left.

Material: Polystone

Color: Marble White

Dimension (inch): 6.0x8.0x14.0

Weight (lbs/g): 4.91 / 2230




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