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aas1178L - Blue Sodalite Feng Shui Rhinocerous (L)

aas1178L - Blue Sodalite Feng Shui Rhinocerous (L)

aas1178L - Blue Sodalite Feng Shui Rhinocerous (L)

In Feng Shui, the Rhinoceros is a symbol of protection and also for education.

For protects you from unwanted accident and also protects you from robbery, carrying or display following section in the violent energy of Flying Star no. 7.

For children steady, intelligent features and concentrate, carrying or display on study desk or place of study.

For office, place this Rhinoceros on your reception area. If you have an office room, place the Rhinoceros facing outside your door. If possible, place this Rhinoceros on your left or right hand side of your desk and face outside your office door. It will help you to fight away any possible office politics, backstabbing and jealousy.

Do not face them outside your window. Do not place this Rhinoceros in the toilet, bathroom or kitchen as it may create confrontation to you.

Material: Sodalite Crystal

Color: Blue

Dimension (inch): 5x1.5x1.75

Weight (lbs/g):

0.44 / 200




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