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wp1160 - Peacock Wealth Vase

wp1160 - Peacock Wealth Vase

wp1160 - Peacock Wealth Vase

According to Feng Shui, wealth pot has symbolized of wealth and prosperity.

It is say that by placing the Pot of wealth, it brings in wealth and prosperity to where ever you place it. You can use a big, medium or small pot of wealth in almost anywhere, for instance, your purse.

You can put a small pot of wealth inside your purse and it will attract money to your purse. It can also be place in your office, your house and even in your family car. You are not limited to one pot of wealth in your house or in your office you can put multiple pots if you like. The more pots you have, the more wealth is coming your way.

Need a perfect gift for your friends, Pot of wealth is an excellent gift for any house harming or for newly open businesses. The gift symbolized wealth and good fortune to your friend.

Place all your wealth pot in your home and office. It will enhance your energy in that sector plus harmony to the flow of the energy within your home or office.

Do not place empty Wealth Pot at wealth sector, you must fill up full of wealth pot using coin,crystal chip,ingot,jewelly,rice,gold sand or mix together

How to use Wealth Pot?

Wash your hand before put the wealth pot

(Main Door Facing south), wealth sector located in the Southwest and North

(Main Door Facing north), wealth sector located in the Northeast and South

(Main Door Facing west), wealth sector located in the East and North

(Main Door Facing east), wealth sector located in the South, Northwest and Southeast

(Main Door Facing northwest), wealth sector located in the Southwest and Southeast

(Main Door Facing southeast), wealth sector located in the West,Northwest and North

(Main Door Facing northeast), wealth sector located in the East and Southwest

(Main Door Facing southwest), wealth sector located in the Northwest and Northeast

Do not place the Pot of Wealth into your toilet. The toilet will flush all the wealth and good fortune from your house.


Color: Multicolor

Dimension (inch): 3.0x3.0x8.0

Weight (lbs/g): 1.21 / 550




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